Saturday, January 20, 2007

Scarf Attack!

My near zealous love for knitting is a bit of a mystery to me. Wool generally makes me itch. Hand knit items tend to be too thick or heavy for this girl who loves thin and trim clothes. Add the two together and you get someone who doesn’t wear many knitted garments. Until now.

Last winter I knit two hats that I fell in love with – Kittiwake,
by Alice Starmore, knit in alpaca (mmm, alpaca)

and Odessa, by Grumperina, in Rowan Cashshoft.

Neither of these hats promotes excessive itching and both are cute. Result: two hand knit items that I wear daily, weather permitting (and sometimes when there’s really no call).

I thought that would be the end of the knits I would love to wear. Who could have predicted the metabolic change that accompanies pregnancy and makes me constantly cold? Probably most mothers, but I digress. Last week, I found myself freezing and unable to turn up the heat (pinching pennies on heating oil means you can buy more yarn). In frustration, I wrapped a scarf around my neck.

Why has no one told me about the warming powers of scarves? I was toasty in no time and quickly lamenting my lack of hand knit scarves. I’ve got only two: the one pictured above and a second scarf, knit by a good friend, which is much too warm to wear around the house.

My quest for fun and warm scarf patterns has begun. I’m considering:
Branching Out
Shifting Sands
Double Helix Scarf

And as a bonus: lots of stash usage!


Priscilla said...

Uhm, I think there is a whole country of scarf wearers; try looking on a map north of the Pyrenees.

I bought two skeins of Lush (when I was with YOU!) for a scarf to go with my gauntlets that I keep at the office. Now if I had time to knit it.

Teresa said...

I just don't seem to be able to wear scarves indoors. I'll wrap myself in a blanket while working on the computer with my fingerless mitts. Maybe I will try the scarf thing.
Hmmm which scarf shall I knit..

priscilla said...

Tough to have a blanket at the office. I think that would b frowned upon.