Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Sporadic, at best

It took just under 10 hours on Friday for my work life to go from manageable to out of control. As a result, work will, for the foreseeable future, bleed uncontrollably into all aspects of my life. It means no weaving, no sewing and very little knitting. It means I will neglect this blog, like an unfit mother, posting sporadically when I need a break from writing, thinking and crunching numbers.

(ps The Jaywalkers are a fun knit, but I do see why Cookie A.l's Monkey's are #1 on Ravelry.)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Total cop-out

No post because I am sick, exhausted and so very busy. A better blogger would have posts written for just these times. Not me. Catch you next week.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Happy Groundhog Day

And what a better day to revisit ye old New Year's Resolutions. Let's start with the


  1. Knit less. See the sewing and weaving. Sure, nothing is finished, but it was time spent on crafts other than knitting.
  2. Knit in color. Cha-ching my blog-reading friends! Bonus story: walking across campus with my boss. She turns and asks what brand my hat is - she likes it, looks warm. I held out my hands and said I made it - with these. A priceless event.
  3. Finish Na Craga. No where near completion, but I at least excavated the basic parts.
  4. Finish the tea lights. No comment.
  5. Finish the plain gray sweater. No comment.
  6. Knit more Christmas gifts. Check - started my first pair of Jaywalkers, which will end up a gift for someone.
Personal resolution
Step 1 - success to date. I have purchased no soda in the grocery store, not even the 99 cent cups at the checkout. Well, almost. My boss has started bringing 2 liters to work - for everyone to share. I do partake one or two (or three?) cups a week. I think it's only fair that I purchase a bottle in exchange. Don't you agree?