Sunday, February 04, 2007

Eager Beavers

Today is that venerable of non-holidays, Super Bowl Sunday. What better way to celebrate than with a yarn sale?

I hoisted my bum out of bed at the unconscionable hour of 5:30 (okay, I didn't have to get up that early, but a little monster I know was hungry). At 7 am, I hit the road, stopping briefly to pick up a co-conspirator. By our calculations, we'd arrive at Knit-a-bit by 7:30, with a half hour to spare before the doors opened. Yes, there'd be a line, but it would probably be short.

(The sign behind us lists the rules of engagement for the sale - no pushing, shoving or tackling, no yarn winding, pattern drafting and the like. Please excuse the more-than-usual terribleness of the photo. It was a camera phone.)

Turns out the line was very short. In years past, the sale began at 8 am. This year, however, the sale began at 9 am (actually, the doors ended up opening at 8:35, and they allowed 10 customers in at a time). Good thing we brought our knitting.

As the first ones in, we were awarded a 2007 Pattern-a-day calendar and the opportunity to fondle the yarn first. I yearned for much of the yarn, but showed great restraint.

That's 7 skeins of Zara, earmarked as a hat/scarf set for a friend; 5 skeins of Cotton Classic, for a wee sweater; and 1 skein of Zarella Baby for a wee hat. You must know that I did not purchase the Zarella Baby - it was a gift in return for opening a door on Tuesday. But I did purchase the cotton yarn and have used up my 1 free binge.

I managed to pass up Lush at 40% off, some baby wool at 30% off, Rowan Cashsoft at 30% off, and so much more, it boggles even my mind.

My co-conspirator, on the other hand? Well, let's just say yarn kept jumping into her bag.


Priscilla said...

Jenni was very good. Knowing her stash diet, I bought her some yarn to open a door for furniture delivery. No guilt-stash increase!

I let Jenni have an opinion on many of my yarn purchases since I am but a grasshopper in the shadow of a master! I think she got a bit excited. When we were walking back to the car in 15 degree weather (windschill -7F), we were talking of patterns and the yarn we bought. I said that I needed to start my little guy's sweater before he arrived since it is an intricate pattern ( Jenny asked which yarn I was using --the red one. "Oh, that will look wodnerful," she replies. Then she thinks about it. "I guess, I should have known which patterns you were knitting before I picked yarn for it."

I do think I bit off mroe than I can knit.

Teresa said...

I know all about the "door prizes" that Knit-A-Bit gives. :)
I am guessing the cotton is the white colour but what colours are the Zara and the Zarella. One looks like a dark green and I can't tell on the others.