Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Does this count as breaking my self-imposed yarn diet?

Yeah, that's what I thought. But it was on sale (60% off!)! But it was souvenir yarn (Florida vacation)! But it was a gift (well, from Eric for being a great Mom)! But! But!

Sigh. Yeah, I didn't mean to buy it, but the colors were fantastic, it'll look great on Autumn (sweater?), and it was so cheap. I could have bought more, but I did show some restraint. And I didn't actually purchase it - I made Eric do my dirty work.

If anyone's looking to purchase a yarn store in Florida, I know where one's for sale!

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Sock Pal said...

Love the color of that yarn! Just wanted to let you know that you have a Sockapalooza pal! I look forward to knitting for you. :)