Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Knitter's Nightmare

I woke last night in terror. I couldn't remember the date and I thought surely I had missed the Sockapalooza4 Mail date. My brain whirred. It was Monday, tomorrow was Tuesday. When was August 2nd? Let's work backwards. What was today? Today was, ah, well, Monday, yes I know, but the date? I couldn't remember. Think, McFly, think! Eventually I remembered that Monday was July 30th and July has 31 days which puts August 2nd on Thursday. Fantastic! Plenty of time to box up the socks that I finished a month ago. And didn't blog about.

Sigh. It's been busy around here. I'd show you what I've been working on, but it probably won't upload well and it's interesting only to Ecology geeks, like me. Yes, the thesis is written (150 or so pages. It's tought to keep track) and will be sent to the committee today or tomorrow. My attention is now on writing a presentation for ESA and my defense.

Cross your fingers and toes and if all goes well, I'll have some FO and WIP pictures soon.


ryan said...

hi wily jeneric,

i'm really interested in working on a na craga sweater, but i can't find the pattern anywhere. and the wait for a copy of the book at the new york public library is almost a year. i noticed you guys have a copy of the pattern; interested in doing some swapping? it'd be a really big help.

ryanreineck at gmail.com

Karen said...

Hi Jenni!
I received your socks yesterday, I love them! They fit great, and the color is lovely. They will definitely be perfect for boots this winter. I had my fiance take pics last night, and will post them to my blog this week.
Thanks again for all your hard work! They're beautiful!

rams said...

Congratulations on the Piled Higher and Deeper.