Monday, July 28, 2008

The other, other fiber hobby

I've recently decided to try my hand, yet again, at sewing. Third time and everything, right?*

So we've a great store where I can take courses here and there. They've got a back room full of machines that are free to use whenever classes aren't in session. So far, I've completed one project:



A reversible sundress for Jeneric. Which she loves!

I'm in the process of making some napkins for home use. If time permits the next time I'm at a machine, I plan to tackle bloomers to go with Jeneric's dress.

*Full disclosure: first time in third grade to finish a scout badge; second time in 7th grade as part of home ec. You'd think having a mother who's an accomplished quilter and seamstress would help with motivation. Or maybe not, eh?

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Teresa said...

I see a lot of crafts skip generations - neither my mother or my stepmother knit but both of their moms do. My stepmother is also an excellent seamstress but only Sarah occasional sews* she prefers to knit.
* although she is working in a quilting store (she is the knitting expert for their selection of yarns)