Friday, May 21, 2010


There are no mathematics in the world to help me predict which hat my current boss/mentor will like the best. Perhaps the very select readership of Knitting Rage can help?

First, a description of the recipient. Think tornado with a pony tail. Think Hilary Clinton in hiking boots. Think Peter, Paul and Mary with extra wheat grass. Got an image of someone like that? Now, would that individual prefer (warning: Ravelry links ahead):

1. Opus Spicatum (or here)
2. Entomology Hat (or here, but scroll down)
3. Beaumont Beanie (or here)
4. My Mum's Fair Isle Hat
5. Other (leave suggestions in the comments)

Vote on it - upper right-hand corner poll. Remember: vote early, vote often.


Priscilla Hockin Brown said...

If she wears a pony tail then you have to go with the beret. She lives in MI (=verys snowy and windy), I voted for the fair isle. The Beanie has to be dead-on in size. If her hair is straight/slick, a hat with elasticity is key.

Teresa said...

I like the Entomolgy hat and the Beaumont Beanie.