Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Wow, the rate of progress around these parts is astounding.

1. Up first, the Helleborus scarf. Powered through the first ball of Malabrigo (mmm) and into the second. Boring picture, true, but it's so fun to knit. Got about 18 inches out of the first ball, so I expect a scarf well over 60 inches. Woot!
Photo 10

2. Second (and final for today) a finished monkey sock. Haven't cast-on for the second sock. Soon!
Photo 12

Most importantly, Happy Birthday, Eric!


Dorothy said...

I love the Zauberball Monkey. LOVE. IT.

Jenni said...

Thanks! I'm finally loving the product of the Zauberball. For such a fun yarn, it sure is persnickety in what it wants to be!