Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ten things

If you want knitting content, visit Tuesday's post and add a few inches to the scarf. What can I say? The days leading into Thanksgiving are always busy for me - mostly because work picks up in anticipation of year-end deadlines. (Also, I pulled or tore a muscle in my abdomen, so I'm not quite working at full capacity.) So today I offer up the following diversion, inspired by Claudia via Carole.

Ten things I wish I knew how to do – and the likelihood of actually learning/doing
  1. Sew a complete garment for one of my girls that looks professional in every way. Pretty high probability- I love to sew and smaller people mean faster projects (in general).
  2. Code an awesome website. Probable. I'll need a good website professionally at some point - don't want to look like a fool to the funding agencies, eh?
  3. Knit a pair of Anemoi mittens (aside: in my head, I call these anemone mittens). This requires learning stranded colorwork. Probably. As soon as I finish the rest of my queue, that is!
  4. Raise confident, intelligent, compassionate daughters. This is not a cop-out! Every day, I try to better myself as a parent – how can I modify my behaviors to improve the environment in which they grow. Unknown, but I do hope this is highly likely. Only time will tell.
  5. Write a novel (or novella) that I am not embarrassed to show friends (requires having an idea worthy of a novel). Rather unlikely, but you never know when inspiration will strike.
  6. Have a house (or at least the downstairs) that does not look like the decorator was three-years old. Very unlikely.
  7. Visit Alaska. Definitely - headed there this summer.
  8. Walk part (all?) of the Kerry Way. Possible.
  9. Draw. Incredibly unlikely. It is why I never finished my art minor - couldn't handle the drawing requirement!
  10. Write an advice column. Incredibly unlikely. But I do read a bunch - from Auntie BubboPants on Ravelry to the traditional Dear Abby to the new traditional Dear Prudence to Savage Love. Working in a world where egos are larger than the suburbans the people drive, it's my little indulgence.

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Teresa said...

As for number 6. I thin you will have this done in 3 years. Mind you it might look like a 4 or 6 you designed the house. I should work on some my own list.
As for the stranded work - I recommend a project with circulars as opposed to dpns. I find it easier (a couple of reasons for this). You could do the mittens on 2 circs or ML though.