Thursday, December 17, 2009

And now for something completely different

A sea star! My folks visited over the summer and while browsing our local Barnes and Noble, my Mom stumbled across Amigurumi Knits by Hansi Singh. She thought it looked cute and brought it home. There are so many awesome things in this book - from an earthworm to a praying mantis, with a cucumber and carrot thrown in for health. I'm starting simple with the sea star.


This was a fast knit - about 4 days from cast on of the first arm to weaving in the last tail. There is an errata for the pattern - though it should be obvious to anyone who's comfortable with subtraction. I slightly modified the slipped stitch edges just to make 'em neater - and in the process made all the stitch picking up a whole lot easier. The last 2 rounds were terrible to knit - these are knit after stuffing the arms. Need to reconsider this for the next little star. I used leftover Cascade 220 in red and pink. This little sea star is headed to Florida and I think I'll call him Reginald. Reginald P. Star, III.

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Dorothy said...

This book is also rife with errata, and the author hasn't bothered to make any corrections. I got it after looking at my friend's copy and tried to make the loch ness monster.... yeah, he didn't turn out so good. And it wasn't user error (beyond my absolute hatred of Kitchener stitch).